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Welcome To IPC

The Indian Paratha Company was started in the year 2014 to provide fresh and tasty vegetarian, vegan and Jain food to highway travellers. We are a vegetarian restaurant that serves both traditional favourites such as Aloo Paratha and modern adaptations such as the Parathzza and Q-paratha. IPC offers a place to relax and presents a unique Swiss chalet design structure with good music.

It is a renounced brand with the right credibility and we invite anyone for a franchise opportunity, who believes in serving fresh, healthy and delicious vegetarian, vegan and Jain food. IPC ensures that our food wastage is maintained at 2%, way below the industry average. From being the market trend to having a profitable ROI; IPC never fails to disappoint its franchisees and aims to roll out 200 outlets by 2020 within India and beyond.

The IPC Opportunity

The food industry in India has been witnessing several changes in recent years. The consumers are now increasingly health-conscious, shifting preferring protein-rich and organic vegetarian menu. Therefore, catering to these consumers, eateries are now adapting to serve vegetarian, vegan and Jain menu and are reaping huge profits from this trend.

The products of Indian Paratha sell themselves. With IPC, you not only get brand recognition but also our customer-favourite recipes, superior business structure and revenue generation opportunity. An IPC franchise of can reap you a 50% ROI, effectively paying back your money in just 6 to 9 months.

Open a franchise with one of the country’s fastest growing restaurant brands!

Why We’re Different

We Love Food

The changing food habits of the Millennial generation has drastically changed the dining-out culture in India to one that leans towards vegetarian food. Keeping up with this trend, IPC provides the best vegetarian, vegan and Jain menu to its customers. We innovate new offerings in our menu by observing the latest trends, local appeal and varying tastes of the customers. They are then test-marketed to measure their appeal before they become a regular meal in our repertoire.

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Fresh Food

IPC boasts of providing fresh and tasty vegetarian food that is scrumptious, but more importantly hygienic and fresh.

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High Quality

IPC develops in-house ingredients, spices, sauces and Indian cottage cheese to maintain authenticity and quality.

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Diverse New Options

We are happy to modify and refine our cuisine to suit the location, adding in the local flavours with Indian fusion food.

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Friendly & Welcoming

The IPC provides a place for all generations with happy and friendly team members who serve with a smile.

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Perfect Highway Pitstop

Situated in the picturesque foothills of the Nandi Hills along NH7, IPC offers the perfect pitstop for healthy food.

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Quick on Returns

An IPC franchise can reap you over 50% ROI, effectively paying back your money in 6 to 9 months (depending on location).


  • Are you passionate about food? Want to see good food and cooking around you? We are here to offer you a single franchise!
  • Do you want to take up the franchise and see IPC grow in a region with multiple outlets? Here is the best option for you to become a master franchisee!
  • Confident about the business opportunity but do not want to get involved in hands-on operations? We can operate the unit for you!
  • Do you have a better plan, better location or a better gap where you can see Indian fusion food grow? Please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you!


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